Jarryd Hayne’s First Two Games in Pictures

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The move that brought Jarryd Hayne to America’s attention. In his full game debut during the 49ers first pre-season game against the Houston Texans, Hayne broke through the line of scrimmage and on his way to a huge carry in just his second attempt, beautifully stepped past Texans Safety Rahim Moore.

The style of his step was something new to the American Football world as Hayne stepped relatively early as opposed to the traditional late stepping the NFL is famous for. Having changed the angle, Hayne was able to build up speed and easily pass the flailing arm of Moore.

Jarryd Hayne continued to dazzle during his punt returns.

Hayne before his new home crowd in San Francisco, California during his second game against the Dallas Cowboys.

We hope that Hayne continues to thrive in the NFL and can open the door for more worldwide recognition of Australian athletes as elite athletes.

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