Jarryd Hayne Tastes the Endzone at 49ers Practice

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Australia was abuzz when NRL star Jarryd Hayne announced that he was leaving the Eels of Parramatta, the Blues of New South Wales and the National Rugby League for America to chase his dream of playing in the NFL. Hayne was dubbed as a return specialist at the very least but has earned quality reps at running back after an impressive training camp. This week saw Hayne’s first session in pads which will add another adjustment period and take him a step closer to real action.

Hayne also managed to score his first official touchdown under game conditions as he caught a pass on a flare route from 49ers starting QB Colin Kaepernick. The translation of Hayne’s success as one of the best athletes in the NRL to the NFL will breed a generation of Australians who will figure themselves a shot of making it to the professional level in the US. Hayne’s success will only bring positive interpretation to Australian athletes in all sports and would indicate a positive sign for the land down under.

Here is video of Hayne scoring his first NFL Touchdown

You can watch video of Hayne’s first day in pads in full contact drills on the 49ers website here.


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